With native Yilan ingredients and insistence on taste, hygiene, and safety

With native Yilan ingredients and insistence on taste, hygiene, and safety

As a contracted supplier of five-star hotels, Baifull has established the all-new brand “Farmer Green Onion Field” that can represent San Xing Township after years of ceaseless efforts, and developed a range of quality products by integrating with local agricultural specialties. To enhance brand visibility, through the testimonials of celebrities with an image that matches our brand positioning, we share best-quality products with more dim-sum-loving consumers with our feet on the ground.




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無汙染的生長環境 (en)
無汙染的生長環境 (en)

Contamination-Free Growing Environment

In San Xing area, green onions are grown at the foot of the Xueshan Mountain next to the clean Taipingshan Mountain Range by the clear Lanyang River. Through the local farmers’ association, we found the next-generation green onion expert who directly points out the elements attributing to quality San Xing green onions: pure water, west wind, and stones. San Xing green onions are characterized by a longer green onion white.

Natural Farming for Safety and Great Taste

To green onions, the length of the white is proportionate to the aroma. While the root buried deep in the soil gets rotten easily, we collaborate with the “Taiwan Agricultural Chemicals and Toxic Substances Research Institute” and use Trichoderma to cure plant diseases in place of chemical pesticides. In addition, we use absolutely zero chemical fertilizers.

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